Tuesday, October 21, 2008

16 weeks

Kathryn took this picture. I declined to pose in one with her. Standing next to her makes my stomach look huge!


linbod said...

I finally broke the code and figured out how to get here.
Lea, hard to believe you look even more beautiful!! We look forward to seeing you all whenever you can comfortably come and we look forward to visiting our newest grandson.Teddy.
Much love to you, Jason and Maddie.

Jamie said...

How wonderful a BOY! You look great! You, Linda and I should get together and have a girls dinner soon! Call Me!

Really you look awesome! And the baby is so cute I love the 3D pics.


Anonymous said...

:D Aw look at the big belly! I can't wait to meet Brooks!

Jolene said...

Silly Lea - of course your belly is huge.......you're baking a bun and Kathryn is not!

And I think its a cute belly! Luv ya,